So Zombies Are Finally Here … Now What?

NOTE: This originally appeared on the grand master of #WinterZombie, Jay Wilburn’s site. Don’t believe me, check it out.

by Thad David

I was considering the things I would miss most once zombies take over because let’s face it, we all know it’s inevitable. Consider this for a moment, 95% of the worlds population is gone. Everything you have ever known is gone. We will all miss the obvious: your family, friends, email, internet, maybe work, at least for some of us we will miss our work. So what do you do when you are all alone with nothing to keep your time? I’d be willing to bet that if you’re reading this you spend a large majority of your time reading. On top of that you probably enjoy reading about zombies. So now what? Zombies have actually taken over and all you want to do is read yet you are surrounded by zombies and your zombie books.


As a reader, would you read through and pick apart all of your favorite Zombie books to see which ones are the closest to how the apocalypse actually happened? Was Mark Tufo right all along with how the outbreak started? Is Shawn Chesser’s ‘Cade Grayson’ running around the country right now kicking in doors? Hopefully one of the zombies you blasted just before breakfast wasn’t Bob from Jaime Johnesee’s series.

There is a good chance that the ones that will miss work the most may in fact be the zombie authors. This illustrates the question: Now that Zombies are here, will you continue to write? If so, what will you write about? The Dying Day’s are here now Armand, so what is your next topic to write about? Would you continue to tell horror stories? Possibly now you can write stories of the Pre-Poc?

I’d like to think that the thrill of zombies would never wear off, yet at some point everything does, so what then? If I had enough time to put my rifle down, I am certain I would pick up a pen again and a good book. I am curious though, what will you do when that time comes?


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