My Zombie My is now (un)live!

That’s right my lovelies, it has finally happened — the apocalyptic nightmare began in I Zombie I has continued to wreak havoc on the planet in the form of My Zombie My.

You will find this title on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. As soon as I can, I will have the paperback edition prepped and ready for purchase. If you’re curious, here is the description:

The City of Lights is crawling with the undead who care nothing for love or wine and are hell-bent on getting the one thing they want – your brains. The living have only one hope – Bethany Nitshimi who carries with her an encrypted file containing the key to the cure. Unfortunately Bethany is battling the undead, the apocalypse, and a group who will stop at nothing to keep her from curing the plague.

My Zombie My picks up where I Zombie I left off and heads into Paris. Bethany’s gang of heroes has picked up a few more strays and mankind is getting dangerously close to the end. As Bethany battles the zombie horde she must crack the file, get the cure, and save the human race, before we are just meat for the beasts.

Of course this book wouldn’t be where it is without the help of some incredible people. I can’t not mention the following:

Kirk D. Fields: Thank you so much for offering some of the most incredible and helpful feedback I’ve ever had from a beta reader. And your idea for Zombie Radio — brilliant!

Heather Marie Adkins: Thank you so very much for helping me get those gremlins out of the formatting as well as being a good friend and incredible writer.

Felicia Tiller-Sullivan: Your editing of My Zombie My rocks…plain and simple. Without you my tenses would suck, the word “collective” would have killed me, and the text would…be…so…filled…with… — you get the point.

Shea MacLeod: Everyone needs fangirls and you pushing me to get this book done as quickly as humanly possible made it so. You also dubbed me “Zombie King” and for that I am honored.

Zombie Fans Everywhere: What would I be doing without you? Nowhere. You not only make my writing possible, you make the world a far more interesting place.

Thank you all for being so patient while I worked to get this book out. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed bringing it to life.