Zombie Survival Tips

I’ve been tweeting zombie survival tips on twitter for some time now. They’ve been such a big hit, I thought I’d collect some of them here, for those of you not on twitter to enjoy.

So read these carefully, they might one day save your brains from the nomming horde.

  • Zombie Survival Tip: Shave your hair off. The less #zombies can grab the better. Bald can be #sexy, even in the apocalypse
  • Zombie Survival Tip: In the #apocalypse, everyone must be agile and mobile. Don’t save things unless they can save you. #zombies#survival
  • Zombie Survival Tip: When in doubt, take out a leg. At least that way the #undead can’t give chase. #zombies don’t use crutches.
  • Zombie Survival Tip: Because most #zombies have impaired sight, their hearing is heightened. Ninja quiet is the way. #survival
  • Zombie Survival Tip: Any moan, no matter the situation, should be suspect. Coitus Interruptus is now fair game in the #zombie#apocalypse
  • Zombie Survival Tip: The double tap wastes bullets. Aim twice, shoot once — #zombies go down! #zombietips
  • Zombie Survival Tip: Twitter is the fastest way to let people know you’ve survived the #zombie apocalypse. Zombies can’t type.#zombietips
  • Zombie Survival Tip: In a pinch, cat/dog food will sustain you when the #zombies come. And the taste doesn’t degrade when it’s stale.
  • Zombie Survival Tip: If ever trapped by a #zombie in a Chinese restaurant, a chopstick through the eye is your fortune cookie outta there.
  • Zombie Survival Tip: Keep calm, breathe deep, aim for the forehead.http://goo.gl/BedXg #zombietips
  • Zombie Survival Tip: If you want to step up to the batter’s plate on a zombie, use a cricket bat instead of a baseball bat. #zombietips
  • Zombie Survival Tip: No matter what you think, those zombie arms aren’t sticking out to hug you! RUN!!! http://goo.gl/HkTJc #zombietips
  • Zombie Survival Tips: Everyone in your group should have a useful purpose Smokin hot is not such a purpose http://goo.gl/HkTJc#zombietips
  • Zombie Survival Tip: http://goo.gl/BedXg Double Tap applies when using a sword. The easiest assurance? Lop off the head.#zombietips
  • Zombie Survival Tip: Never assume a shotgun to have an infinite amount of ammo. Reload frequently to remain alive. #zombietips
What do you think? Do you have a zombie survival tip you’d like to share with the Jackverse? If so, share ’em in the comments. Be safe out there my lovelies.