Zombie Radio

“I have read the books that are available in this series…and just finished this accompanying novella. I am an avid reader..and will read almost anything whenever I can. I am a huge fan of the horror genre, however. I’ve read countless zombie books and I enjoy them. This series grabbed me though as it has an ever ongoing plot that twists and turns and surprises. I also appreciated the lack of comedic aspects that so many novels and series have taken lately. I mean there was humor involved, but used as sarcasm and as an emotional coping tool. I also identified with many of the musical references….AWESOME!!! ALL IN ALL….I’M HOOKED AND GREATLY ANTICIPATE THE CONTINUATION OF THE SAGA…LET’S GO JACK WALLEN!!!”

“This is the first zombie book I’ve read by Jack Wallen. I read and enjoyed his lighter novel, Shero, but I’m very happy I got the chance to read one of his darker works as well. Though we’re dealing with the end of the world, brain eating zombies and all the gore that comes with it, the author has a way of inserting his brand of humor that had me laughing out loud in several places. I absolutely love a book that can make me cringe and laugh at the same time. Since there are so many zombie books out there, it’s nice to read one where the author’s voice is fresh and clever. I also loved the whole radio jockey thing. I suppose if zombies did take over the world, we would definitely need a voice of reason and hope on the airwaves.”

Get your apocalypse on through the eyes and mouth of the DJ spinning your personal soundtrack to the end of the world. The novella inspired by the Zombie Radio podcast has finally arrived. This novella and the Zombie Radio podcast were based on the smash hit My Zombie My. Don’t miss out on how Zombie Radio helped to save the planet from spiraling into the zombie abyss.

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