Zombie Radio looking for guest appearances

Many of you have probably already heard one or more of my podcasts on Zombie Radio. This podcast was the brain child of one of my brilliant beta readers and has become something that not only readers and fans enjoy, but I have become quite fond of. In fact, ZR has become one of the highlights of my week!

During the week I am searching music and other forms of inspiration for my upcoming podcast — and it always comes. But I want to stretch Zombie Radio as far as I can. And to do this, I want to involve my fans, readers, and even other authors.

I have been looking for ways to help get a richer, deeper connection to my books for my fans and Zombie Radio is the perfect vehicle. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • I want people to use their imagination and place themselves in the world of the I Zombie trilogy. Email the DeeJay and request help, music, connection with others…whatever excites you. Pose as a survivor of the Mengele Virus reaching out to other survivors. Use your imaginations! Have fun with it.
  • Create a recording of you doing a call in to the DeeJay. Pick your topic, record it to a .mp3 format and I will create a podcast around it.

Obviously I won’t be able to use everyone’s ideas. There are some professional snarks out there who will try to get me to ‘cast about topics that simply should never see the light of day. But if you want to be apart of zombie machinations pouring from my juicy, nom-able brain send me your email, your recordings, your blank checks …

And if you want your name included in the podcast, make sure you let me know.

Whoever said the apocalypse wouldn’t be broadcast was brain dead (and thus not edible). The apocalypse is being broadcast and it’s using my voice as a vehicle to carry the words to the world.

I look forward to continuing with this podcast as My Zombie My will hit the shelves next month. The podcast will continue on through Die Zombie Die as well, but will undergo a few changes as the tragic end of My Zombie My … well, I don’t want to give anything away. 😉

If you want to join in on the fun, but can’t come up with any ideas, email me and we’ll work something out. I want my fans and readers to get more from my books — to be a part of them.

Nom nom!