Zombie promotions and beta readers

One of my beta readers for the upcoming My Zombie My came up with a brilliant idea last night for a promotion for the book — a mock “radio station” slash site akin to those used in My Zombie My.

Naturally I started working on it immediately. Although Zombie Radio is not done (and  might not be for a few weeks), it’s coming along. There are some incredible possibilities for this site and I hope to push it as far as I can. I’ve already created a twitter account for it and have started adding content. What else will be on the site? I hope to do:

  • Audio snippets from Jacob Plummers digital recorder from the first novel.
  • Music mentioned in the second novel.
  • Drawings done by Bethany for the Obliterator.
  • Lindsay Godwin’s notes from I Zombie I.

And anything else I can come up with. Actually, I would love to hear from my wonderful readers. What would you like to see on Zombie Radio? Email me and let me know.

I know this can be thought of as counter-intuitive to what our great god Locke has to say (more on that when I finish reading his “how to” book.), but I really want to create something that can give readers another type of connection the story of the I Zombie trilogy. After all…the books are about and for the readers.

But I do want to bring up what this really points out to me — there can be no arguing the importance of a good beta reader. When a beta reader is intuitive and intelligent enough to dig into the words and find the real push and pull of the story, the input of that reader is often tantamount to the success of the book.

On the flip side of that — when you have a beta reader that only offers up shallow, less than helpful feedback, it might behoove you to give them a single prod to remind them their input won’t hurt your feelings (or at least won’t cause you and your heart untold damage.)

Or maybe it will. Never the less, we are writers and must suffer the slings and arrows of the adoring (and not-so-adoring) public.