Zombie dolls from a super fan!

I was recently sent pictures of something that seriously made my day. Fan of I Zombie I, Megan Jennings, decided to knit up some charming-as-brains zombie dolls as she was reading I Zombie I. I was sent pictures of the dolls and absolutely must share them with you.

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The little guy on the left has removable parts and even a bit of nomlicious intestine to play with.

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To the right, you’ll see the z-doll sneaking up on unsuspecting skeleton doll. We all know the zombie will be sadly disappointed that the skeledoll has no brains to nom.

At least he can keep himself busy with a little work.

In the end, however, they both just wind up best buds. And what zombie doesn’t need a bestie? When the hands, eyes, and torso falls away, who better to reattach than good ol’ Skeledoll?

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Thank you so much, Megan, for sharing your wonderful knitting skills with the Jackverse. I hope, as you continue to read the I Zombie series, you can knit up so more fun. I can’t wait to see what you do with Screamers, Boners, and Subject 001!