I Zombie I climbing the ranks

Since I Zombie I was pushed to “free” status on Amazon.com, it has been slowly climbing up the rank and file of the horror genre. Currently it stands at #3 in Occult and #10 in Horror. This is big and all part of my master plan (insert ominous Bwahaha here).

If all goes according to plan, In a couple of weeks My Zombie My will hit the shelves. This is going to be monumental for me and my readers. Why? Because the sequel for I Zombie I has been a long time in the making and it promises to take the apocalypse up to 11. The pride I have in this book, and the incredible gratitude I have towards my fans and readers will hopefully be fully realized once MZM (what those in the “industry” call My Zombie My — I poke fun at myself) is available. What this means is:

  • The story not only continues to unfold, the truth is further revealed.
  • The reason for Zombie Radio becomes all too clear.
  • The world of the story is further tossed into the suck and pull of chaos.

But you know what else? The release of My Zombie My, for me, will be one of my most proud moments as a writer. Why? Because it proves to me that I Zombie I was not a fluke — not luck-filled happenstance that I had managed with the right grouping of words to create the right story at the right time. My Zombie My should cement my place along side of those other writers who make up the rank and file of horror writers (and those that specialize in the undead) and will also bring the readers more information, new characters, and even a new type of zombie to the I Zombie trilogy.

My hope is to have this delicious zombie snack ready for you by the end of the month. That way all of my readers can complete the first in the trilogy (I Zombie I — which is now FREE on Amazon.com) and then be reading the second in time for Halloween! After all, who doesn’t want to be reading something spooky on or near October 31st?

I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of the readers who have commented, reviewed, read, hugged, loved, and otherwise enjoyed my take on the zombie genre. There’s much more where that came from — I have no plan to cease and desist playing in the undead playground any time soon.

And, as always, if you want to contact me feel free to drop me a line any time!