You never know: Videos

Today I had a great lunch meeting with a fellow writer buddy of mine. While he and I spouted off our various projects it came to light how many side projects I had that related to my written works. A number of those side projects are videos. That’s right, I’m breaking into video production. This will start in the form of promo videos for various books, but will eventually lead to a short tie-in film for my novel Hell’s Muse and then a full-length feature.

The gist of that meeting? “You never know!”

In the world of books, the competition is fierce. There are millions of writers and even more millions of books being published. And with every novel published in my genre, it becomes harder and harder for readers to find my novels. To that end, what is the indie author to do?

Get creative.

I am very fortunate in that I have a lot of skills I can draw on to enhance the publicity of my written works. One of those skills is film making. I have worked both in front of and behind the camera and have been slowly amassing the tools necessary to create videos and short films. At the moment, much of these short films are in the form of promotional material. Eventually, however, I will start doing short movies as book tie ins. The intent with that is to finally build up to doing penning a screenplay and then filming said script.

I recently released the fruits of a days labor, in the form of the first T-Minus Zero promotional video. I spent the better part of a day filming with my step-daughter, Courtney, as my subject. It was also the first time filming with my handy DIY camera shoulder mount.  I learned a great deal in the process of putting that together — part of which how much I enjoy the creative aspect of film. To that end, I am going to soon be opening up Adorkable Designs to include promo videos in its menu. Now, these won’t be your average promo videos. What I plan on offering are what I will call “micro films” that center around your book. I won’t be offering these for a few months now (probably the beginning of 2014) — so I can clean off my plate enough to make room.

In fact, the start of the new year will herald a very new beginning for myself and Adorkable Designs. I will be expanding the whole of the menu to include a lot of digital media offerings.

Why? Because you simply never know. The right person will see the right video, image, or sound byte at the right time and everything will take off! It’s such an exciting time to be a creative soul and I hope to help my fellow members of the mad-hatter set to bring their visions to as much life as possible.

In the meantime, I give you (again) the promo video for T-Minus Zero.