Women Of Horror: Kasey Pierce

Why Horror?

Being a female, I’ve been asked a lot of gender-centric questions. None of which bothers or offends me. To be quite honest, I’m rather indifferent when it comes to the topic. A niche, a gimmick…however the card might be played, I never really thought about it. I just kind of shrug and say, “I’m a writer. What else is there to say?” A more challenging question for me is why horror?

It trips me up every time.

I never seem to give the same answer. It’s always a whatever sounds best in the moment-response. Perhaps this is my chance to answer that question for myself…

Long ago in a suburbia far, far away lived a little girl who was growing up fire-and-brimstone Pentacostal. A pint-sized Sunday school frequenter whose father let her watch “Alien” and cult classic, “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things”. I believed in the power of the anointing of the Holy Ghost and was surrounded by those who spoke in tongues. Yet if you had asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said Madonna.

Needless to say, I’m still not Madonna BUT I think it’s perfectly logical to say that I’m romanced by both the light and the dark. I seek out the darkness in the light and devour that too, however. I think this is how Robert Heinlein must have felt. (not that I’m anywhere near that caliber) Sometimes I’ll involuntary place and undertone or two of personal philosophy that comes from my upbringing. What kind of writer would I be if I didn’t? Not an honest one, I can tell you that. The Old Testament, Satan, the human condition, redemption, salvation, damnation, torture, blood, lust, flesh…
WOO! Hang on…

I was gettin’ vapors for a second.

I find it all to be sadistically beautiful; GOREgeous. At the risk of sounding like an inauthentic poet, my fingers are romanced by these ideas as I type. Would you believe I was a chicken shit at one time? Only now at this borderline intermediate stage of my writing career can I say that I’ve shaken that. If you’re afraid of the dark, don’t turn on the light.

Just become one with the dark. You’ll blend in.

About Kasey

Sci-fi/horror writer, Kasey Pierce, is author of sci-fi comic series, “Norah” and horror novella, “Pieces of Madness”. Other credits include the foreword for Gothic-werewolf novella, “Rampant” (Werner) and the afterword for morbid-satire graphic novel, “Dead Duck and Zombie Chick: Rising From the Grave” (Fosgitt). She’s also cited as the author of John Marroquin’s upcoming sci-fi graphic novel, “Mexica”. Currently, she’s working on an action-drama with writer, Bob Salley. (tba)
To find out more, visit kosmickasey.com or Facebook.