What is that one thing?

NOTE: This originally posted on the site of Jay Wilburn. You know the drill.

by Jessica Gomez

That’s the question I find myself asking. What is that one thing that you couldn’t live without in a Zombie apocalypses?


Last year, I posted about what food you would search the end of the world to have just one more bite. Mine was cheesecake. Delicious. It’s basically the worst dessert you could search for considering the shelf time. This fact is not enough to persuade me to choose something else. This portion is getting me a little off track with tasty treats, back to that one thing.

The one thing I would hate to live life without is a warm shower or bath. This is the main reason the caves in INFECTED and IMMUNE hold warm bathing and swimming pools for the group. A world without people, unfathomable. A world without hot water, a living hell.

I’m collecting, that one thing, from people. I’d like to hear what your one thing is and compare notes.


Jessica Gomez writes in multiple genres such as: New Adult, Apocalyptic, Paranormal, Suspense, Bi-lingual, and Romance. Her debut novel AFTER THE BEFORE was release in September 2014. Followed by her second release in March of 2015 titled, INFECTED. Her up and coming release, IMMUNE, will release October 31st, 2016.

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