Violent Delights: Deadly Romance

Love. It transcends time, borders, culture, and generations. When the bonds of love are forged for the right people, a world of wonder is laid out before them. Love makes good people better.

But when love binds two of society’s worst, the drama that ensues can be tragic.

Such is the case when Camille St. Jude enters the world of Psychiatrist, Aaron Kennedy. Apart, they’ve murdered countless victims. They have something in common, an insatiable lust followed by a good slaughter. Once they fall in love, their murderous rampage threatens to bring the city of Boston to its knees.

Love makes people careless.

Enter Anton Frank and Jean Barber, one of Boston’s finest and a transplant inspector from London, charged with bringing this murderous match-made-in-hell to justice. As they work the case, Cupid’s arrow sends a clear message to them both.

It’s a tale of lust vs. love, murder vs. morality.

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