To Us by Chad A. Clark

The Music Be The Food flash fiction event continues with round five. This time, the song is “Even In Death (2016)” by Evanescence.

Give a listen to the tune and then read the next flash fiction piece, by Chad A. Clark.

To Us

I dip into waters, run deep and can still find the taste of you in the air. And yet they try to tell me you aren’t here.

I refuse to believe. Refuse to believe. Refuse to believe that you aren’t here.

The lies they tell, the things they cannot know. The moonlight of my heart leads me to the one truth I know that you are here.

Mortal paths lead me to you and bring you back to me. They bring you here.

Death will never keep us apart, will never keep me from seeking you out and bringing you back here.

The cool, dark earth is soft and yielding, merely a small delay in my quest to find you again. To drag you back to the surface, take you from this place of death and place you on our bed where I can be with you from now until the end I find for myself. You are all that is left of me and now all that is left of you is here.

We are here and here we shall be one. Until breath departs and all that is left in this home is two former shells of a body, instead of one.

We are here.

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