Update on the I Zombie series

The apocalypse has struck and you’re there, waiting for more information on how to survive the onslaught of the undead. Your best bet is the writings of Jacob Plummer and Bethany Nitshimi. But it’s been a while since Bethany last put her fingers to typewriter to offer up words of wisdom. So what gives? Why is it taking me so long? Exactly why am I so horrible and lame to treat my fans this way?

Because I’m evil! MUHAHAHA!

I kid, I kid — with love.

The truth is, there’s much in the way of news, so let’s get down to bidness!

T-Minus Zero

As you may already know, the prequel to the I Zombie series is almost ready to rock. It’s at the final proofing stage and should be ready for public consumption near the first week (give or take a brain or two) of June. I am currently devising a little something special for the end of that book — just a lil’ some’some for readers to get a little bit closer to ol’ moi.

Again, can I get a MUHAHA?

Cry Zombie Cry

This was supposed to be the next title to be released for the series. But when I brought on UNSUN to write the “soundtrack” for the book, I had to give quarter to their schedule. Instead of releasing the book and then have them release the album, I thought it best to do a simultaneous release.

Aya (the singer for UNSUN) is now working on the songs. She began with my lyrics for “Pretty Mess”. She has a number of lyrics from me to work with; here are the titles:

  1. Cry Zombie Cry
  2. Pretty Miss
  3. She Speaks to Nothing
  4. And So It Ends
  5. She Walks
  6. To Life Again
  7. We Bleed

I have a number of half-complete lyrcs to finish up and I’m sure more ideas will spring forth (which will be used for another collaboration between me and UNSUN).

What’s Next?

The plan is for ten books in this series. I have another title already chosen, “Fry Zombie Fry”, which will take me to eight. I’m considering another Zombie Radio novella as well (which will not be considered part of the “original ten”). When the I Zombie series finally comes to a close, the plan is to jump thirty years into the future with a new series, The Book of Jacob.

Before a single pair of panties gets into a bunch, I want to make it known that the number ten isn’t exactly set in stone. If the sales of the books continues as they are, and the readers/fans want more of Bethany Nitshimi, I could be persuaded to continue the story on. Personally, I really love writing Bethany (especially with her new cast of cohorts) and could easily continue the series. But, unlike Hollywood and network television, I do not want to jump my own shark (clad in a leather jacket and perfect coif). I would much rather end Bethany’s story with grace and pride than to milk her beyond recognition.

Who knows where this story ends (thank you Sundays). I guess we’ll all find out… together. Muhaha!

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