Unleashing the beast

Here at the Jackverse, there is always some mischief brewing. And right now… the mischief is dark, twitchy, and oh so delicious. I have plenty of fabtastic to drop on you, so I’m just going to cut to le chase and get to the big funky… drop me a beat.

The first bit of fantastic is my next novel, Hell’s Muse has returned from first edits. My editor had this to say:

As I told you in my last message, I do think the story is brilliant.  I’ve read so many of your stories and I honestly don’t know how you do it, but you pulled it off again.  I think you are going to get some backlash from the religious sect but hey you’re tough. Let that stuff roll. I admire your taking on such a touchy subject.  Like I said, you have big ones to do this.  I think people are going to either love it or hate it.  And, I think your loyal fans will as always be there for you.

I want to expound a bit on this. The core of truth to this story developed a long, long time ago. Back when I was in graduate school the environment was such that everything we knew was challenged. Conventional wisdom became the root of all evil and thought was turned on its head. That was when the question came to mind — “What if the history books and the story tellers had it all wrong? What if black were white and up was down?” From those simply questions the germination for what would lead to Hell’s Muse came to be.

What I have written will not sit well with a lot of people. It tosses belief out the door and trips up the leap of faith. For others, however, it will be a ride they will never forget. It’s brutal, it’s honest… it’s painful at times. But most of all — it’s fiction. Hell’s Muse is meant to steal you away from what you thought was right and wrong and give you an escape you might never have thought you’d take. I’m proud of it and I enjoyed the HELL out of writing it.

Oh but there’s more!

I am going to begin recording I Zombie I into audio format. In one of my many incarnations, I recorded books for the blind at The Publishing House for the blind. I plan on beginning yet another venture where I offer those services to indie authors — so they too can get their books into audio format. I Zombie I will serve as a sample of my wares. 😉 I will be selling that book directly from Get Jack’d.

Speaking of which …

I am going to soon officially launch the direct selling of ebooks from my site here. You may have already noticed (in the top right corner of this lil’ world) a Digital Downloads section. That’s right my lovelies, Jack’s books will be available for download right here. It’s actually already functioning, but needs some refinement. I’m going to add the autographed copies of paperbacks… AND will include autographed digital copies as well.

Another item you will have noticed is the comic strip called The Jackverse. I started this a while ago as an exercise to see if I could pull something like this off. It’s silly, but fun. I’ll keep posting them here until I either grow bored or you tell me to PLEASE STOP!!!! You can see all of the strips so far here on Stripgenerator.

Finally — I’ve started writing the next book. Said book is T-Minus Zero. This is a prequel to the I Zombie series and should one one hell of a fun ride.

That’s it for today. Now, I want you all to go out and get everyone Jack’d! Spread the word my little Ozian Monkies!!!! BWAHAHAHA!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!