My take on True Blood thus far

Ah True Blood — that show that takes the smexy to eleven and the plot lines to the moon and back. It’s obsessive-level fans drool and bleed for each and every episode and it is undeniably one of the hottest shows on the ol’ tellebubbly. But what is my take on this season? We’re four episodes into the season now and things are on a tanning bed fire ride straight to Hell. Let me offer up my feelings on how True Blood, season five is shaping up.

Fear not, no spoilers are included.

First the yummy

  • I love what they’ve done to Laffayette. Granted he started out the season as my favorite character, but now he’s all sassy, but seems to have developed some serious power. Gurl’s got some bitchy to go with her queen.
  • I also love the fact that they’ve stopped focusing so much on the Sookie (say it with me now), Bill, Eric love triangle. Yes I know the straight womens and the gay mens were all in a tizzy about seeing ever-more smexy between these three, but it was getting a bit trite. I’m glad to see a little less fawning and a bit more action.
  • I”m glad they’ve dropped the whole Jessica/Hoyt issue.
  • Less focus on the wolf pack is a good thing. This isn’t Twilight and no one wants it to be so. Thank God no one sparkles.
  • Love the new bad guys…but get to Russel Edgington NOW! We all loves us some Russel!

Now, the less than yummy

  • How many frakking plot lines can they squeeze into one season? Please… pull back! Give us something to chew on instead of inundating us with multiple thirty-second tidbits. I want a fully-realized story arch… not the MTV version. This isn’t a music video… you have time. Good grief!
  • The whole soldier story line… seriously? What in the Sam Scratch does that have to do with the price of True Blood in Bon Temps? Drop it! We don’t care. In fact, relegate those characters back to tertiary!
  • As much as I liked the scene in the Fairy Club, no more Fae World. Oh sure, you get some SERIOUSLY beautiful costuming, but if you’re not really going to further the plot and give us some more insight into Sookie, let it go.
  • No more children vampires in power. You put a child actor up against what True Blood has going for it, and you’ll only have a fan base begging for the death of said child. Thankfully, Christopher Meloni did what he did (no spoilers, right?)
  • Are we done with Tara yet? I thought last season was the end of her lower-jaw-quaking histrionics. I guess not.

I loves me some True Blood. But there are a few issues that could use a bit of shoring up. Regardless, I’ll take the good with the bad so long as I’m gettin’ me some Sookie and some Lafayette all up in dis bitch!

What do you think? Is True Blood, Season 5 getting you all worked up? What do you like and/or dislike?