True Blood thus far (aka: TV for the ADHD)

I’m a fan…I must confess…just like millions of others. My wife and I tune into True Blood loyally, every Sunday night to watch the next installment and hope like hell we get to hear Bill say “sooookie” yet one more time. For us, this show has been a bit of a mystery. At first we simply couldn’t watch it…that first episode is much like the books, a bit hard to swallow until you¬†acquire a taste for the…well, I’m not really sure. But this season is far removed from that first season. Only two episodes into the season and the only thing I can seem to say is WOW!

The on-going question for this season of True Blood seems to be “How many plot lines can the writers squeeze into a single season.

The answer to the question? Many…almost too many. Don’t worry, I am not going to give a single one of those plots away (for my friends across the seas jealous with rage that they can’t see the show yet — sorry.) But I will say this:


And, yet again, I will say:


What is most interesting about this is that most other television shows would fail miserably at dropping so many plot lines into one season. Thing is, True Blood seems to thrive when more is going on. In polar opposition to the average television show which would completely¬†unravel with too many plots going on, True Blood gains momentum and builds and builds, to the point where you already feel like you’re about to be strung up by your very breath by the tension.

Are we at the climax of the season arch — or just at a climax?

Ah yes, sexual tension. That’s right…we’re dealing with vampires and vampire are, if anything, creatures of sexual desire and tension. And unlike their sparkly, hunky counterparts in the Twilame saga, the vamps in True Blood manage to pull it all off with grace, humor, and sexuality.

I was one of those weened on horror as a child. I’ve been watching and loving vampire stories as long as I can remember, so I’m not one that jumped on any sort of fang-banging band wagon. So I consider myself well versed in all things vampire. And although I wasn’t such a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, I am a big fan of True Blood, and this season is racking up some ginormous wins in my book.

If you have yet to catch this season, do so as quickly as you can…before the game of catch up winds up sending your brain reeling from too much, too fast. This season of True Blood is a dream come true for the ADHD…it’s everywhere all the time. Short fast scenes switching from just about every type of creature one can toss at a tv screen, plenty of drama, more rock hard abs than you will ever see collected in one series, and just enough “soookie” to keep you smiling.