Today’s random page: I Zombie I

Another random page taken from one of my books. This time from my Zombie horror novel, I Zombie I.

We made it to Room 77 and barred the door behind us. Even though I promised Suzan we’d protect her, I wasn’t so sure just how well we could. From the sounds of the screams, the floor above was filled with zombies. It’s only a matter of time before they make it down en masse. We had to work fast. The only problem is that I’m not one hundred percent sure of what I’m doing.

“So, what are we doing Jacob?”

What is it with woman’s ability to read the minds of men?

“Let me see if I can explain. Whenever I change, the thing that compels me to do what I do is stopping the noise. Now, the noise is internal…actually it’s not even real. At least it’s not anything I can hear when I’m just me. So I figure the only way to protect us from harm is by creating something that would produce a sound that would repel them.” My explanation wasn’t really doing my idea justice.

“You mean like those devices sold on TV that emit a high frequency to repel mosquitoes? Jacob…those don’t work.”

“Right, but this will. They are trying to escape that sound…or actually they are trying to help others escape the sound. But if that sound were externalized they would be compelled to escape from the source.”

Bethany was staring at me as if I were crazy. “Jacob, I don’t know…”

“Look, you have to trust me. I can’t tell you exactly why I know this will work, but I know it will. Those things only want silence. That sound in their head is imaginary. If we created a very real, very intense version of that same sound there is no way they could stand it.” My plea to Bethany began to melt her resistance.

“Okay…I’m sure I could build a device that would produce a sound, and produce it loud enough to give us plenty of cushion. But how do I know what kind of sound I need to produce?”

That’s where I came in. I pointed to my skull and winked. She got my point right away.

“It’s going to be fairly high pitched and oscillating. Sort of like whup whup whup only a lot higher.” My impression of the sound was pathetic, but it certainly got the point across.

“That’s fairly rudimentary. I’m sure we have everything in this room we need. Give me about an hour and the device will be complete.”

“While you do that, I’ll see if there’s any way out of this ruin of a country.”

“What about the Dr? Should we check on him?” Suzan spoke quietly, dropping a brick of guilt onto my gut.

I can’t believe we returned to ground zero without bothering to check on the very progenitor of the most recent stage of human evolution. Talk about losing all sense of humanity. Even though I hated the man for what he did, and even barring the fact that he is most likely full-on zombie by now, I should at least make sure some shred of his human self didn’t pull off one last miracle and wrench the Hyde from his Jekyll. There is a slight chance he could have transformed back. After all, that was (and is) my fate.

“Lucky for us we can check on the doctor from here.” I remembered the the camera in the holding cell. I was fairly certain Bethany could switch that baby on remotely and we could (hopefully) get some visual sign that Dr. Godwin had in fact remained human.

I turned to the monitoring station and, after Bethany made sure the remote system was working, cycled through the channels. Suzan took her place by my side. Our eyes were glued to the monitor.

When the monitor revealed the sight in the holding cell, Suzan let loose a horrible scream. Dr. Godwin was kneeling on the table pulling the skin from his own skull. He had managed to rip his ears from the sides of his head and gouge his own eyes out. The man’s jaw was hanging completely dis-jointed from the upper portion of his head. Blood was everywhere. He obviously was desperate to silence the noise inside.

Suzan’s screech continued filling the room. I had to silence her before she drew the most unwanted attention our way.

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