Today Becomes Yesterday by Chad Clark

Music Be The Food flash fiction continues on with the eighth round. This time the song is “I Am Dust”, by Gary Numan. Listen to the song and then read the first piece of fiction, by Chad A Clark.

Today Becomes Yesterday

I am your new.

I am your new sensibilities, the framework from which you can gaze down on the ashes of all the sacred cows you once held, now no more than the shit those cows leave behind. I am the one who shows you that all you once held dear is in fact the thing that was making you weak. I am the purge in your mind that makes you the perfect being you now are.

This notion may anger you. It might frighten you. I care not. Because I am the equation that makes your emotions null and void. I am the one that makes anything irrelevant, save for your love.

For me.

I am the glue that comes unhinged in your mind. I am the leak that allows in the swelling seas of your unconscious. I am the reminder from your own mind of your own inherent unworth. I am the voice whispering in your ear that it’s going to be okay because you never were worth anything.

I am the lie that becomes cleansed into truth. I am the fantasy made real because of how many times I cross the lips of people that should know better but don’t. I am the forge in which the minds of this society come together and join to become one.

To become me.

I am the one who will steer you into a storm and when all hope is lost, remind you that I know the way out. I will convince you that the calm before the storm was the storm itself. I will set your home on fire, secure in the knowledge that my water is the only that works.

You will be me. You are me. You always were me.

I was always in you.

I am your new.

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