To be thankful, fer sure!

As this Thanksgiving holiday is upon us, I wanted to share my thanks to those that have come on board the dark hayride along with me. I originally posted these on my Facebook page, and thought it would be good to collect them all in one easy to digest, tryptophan-laced meal. NOM!

Thanks to be giving: I am thankful to have been alive to experience the 80s. No, it wasn’t perfect, but the music and the fashion were always in passion. Oh wait…crap, I ruined that one with a Barry Manilow reference.

Thanks to be giving: I am very thankful for my kitties. Bigen, Oni, Wookie, Bazo, and Mikko. Their purrs and headbonks bring me peace and joy every day.

Giving of thanks: I am thankful for Bazo’s Fresh Mexican Grill. I have easily eaten my weight in their delicious burrito and I’m sure I’ll eat my weight times 2 in the upcoming years. Not only is their food delish, the owners are about as friendly as can be.

Giving of thanks: I am always thankful for music. It is often my muse and my therapy.

Giving of thanks: I’m thankful for the brilliant and graceful inspiration of Clive Barker.

Thanks to be giving: I am thankful for the friends I have made here on Facebook. I have learned from you, laughed with you (sometimes at you), and enjoyed comments, banter, and debate.

Thanks to be giving: I am thankful to have working mind and imagination enough to create fictional worlds and stories. I am also incredibly thankful for anyone and everyone that has chosen to purchase and read my written works.

Thanks to be giving: I’m thankful for a step-daughter (aka, step-awesome) that has grown into a thoughtful, intelligent, talented, caring young woman.

Thanks to be Giving: I am thankful that my father instilled in me one very simple truth: In his words “Ain’t nobody happy if mamma ain’t happy”.

Thanks to be giving: I am thankful for my beautiful, sexy, wonderful, unique wife, Stephanie Wallen, who also happens to be the one person on the planet I could spend every second of every day with. It’s hard to imagine being able to love her any more than I do…but I’m sure I’ll find a way.

And with that, I will say good day and adieu my lovelies!