Tick Tock Girl

This is incredibly well written with poetic prose and multifacted characters, a dark and twisty plotline and makes a fine sequel to Klockwerk Kabaret.

How long has it been since we’ve visited the steampunk land known as Mainspring? If you’ve anxiously been awaiting…the time is upon us.

The Morticia and Gomez of steampunk are back!

Tick. Tock. Tick Tock. The clock is winding down. Let’s play a game, a daring game, until the bells do sound. She plays with time like a lover’s touch, a mesmerizing skill. She’ll steal your heart, your clockwork heart, and then your very will.

Nathan and Olivia are back and this time the clock is not on their side. From the heart of the Keep of Keys a new villain arrives to take over Mainspring and rain down a chaos of past, present, and future nightmares.

A date. The date. One, two, seven, eleven. The second hand relegated to the shadows and the father of the child hidden from sight. This would be my gift to you, oh master of puppets, my grand design.

…Tick Tock Girl

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