The interesting day that was yesterday

Yesterday was such an up and down day, I felt like I was on a roller coaster from Hell, driven by Satan himself, with Ford Pintos and Dodge Gremlins for carts. I knew I was on a collision course with mayhem, it was only a matter of time before it all came crashing down. But then something strange happened — like the Black Knight who always triumphs, it got better!

I don’t want to get into the specifics of the why and how the day looked as if it were going to turn into a crap sandwich, suffice it to say — things were certainly conspiring against me. But I was ready to dine. I had my bib on and my Diet Dew ready to help wash down whatever life had to toss at me. Plus – I had plenty of music to either add to the shoegazer fest or lift me out of the grand funktastica. I was prepped.

Somehow, though, it was as if a switch was flipped from wrong to right (or wrong to write — whichever your bend) and everything went my way. Things that weren’t working worked, the sun came out, my mood just grew light, my hair looked great…and then I received my first ever review of one of my books. If you haven’t read it (How could you not, what with me linking to it like it was Youtube video of Charlie Sheen singing Friday using a Cobra as a Mic and Chuck Norris accompanying him on the Awesome-atron) here’s the linkage.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting such a glowing review. I knew my editor had told me it was a great book, but she’s my editor and is a bit biased. After reading that review, I felt a wash of validation overcome me. I had not only been accepted by one of the most popular Kindle Book reviewers, but by a reader who happens to be a connoisseur of Zombie novels.

But it wasn’t just the review — I finally got home from work, to have a great ride on the trails with my mountain bike. After the trails I stopped to grab a bite to eat to finally hear the youngest found a dress for prom. Any parent out there will commiserate on that one. That was a HUGE win for the household. The tears could stop flowing and the walls could stop rattling from the cornucopia of teen-dress-angst.

And then Glee was hilarious (as was Nurse Jackie) which was followed by some much needed writing on the final book in the “I Zombie” trilogy.

Speaking of which…

Last night I wrote what might have been my most disturbing dream sequence yet. If you’ve been reading enough of my work, you know I’m fond of the dream sequence. Maybe it was growing up with Nightmare On Elm Street and Cheap Trick’s “Dream Police”, but I feel the dream sequence really works on a number of levels. This one in particular — works REALLY well. To that I have to say Muhahaha!