The Great Giveaway

It’s time ladies and gents…time for me to begin the great giveaway circus. That’s right, for those interested, there shall be prizes. The prizes? My books (what did you expect, a brand new car? A cool zombie butler?). What I am going to do is start with giving away digital copies of my books (at specific times and to specific people).

Once the digital copies are given away, users have the opportunity to win a paperback copy of one of my books. Eventually I will give away, to one incredibly lucky user, my entire canon of paper back books (depending upon when this giveaway happens — that could be anywhere from three books to five to seven!)

So, here’s how this will work…post your name and email address in the comments of this post and I will take ten of those names at random and give them each a free copy of my first book “A Blade Away“. Next week I’ll do the same thing with my book “Gothica“. The following week will be “I Zombie I“. Once the last of the digital books have been given away I will repeat the process and give away paperback editions (only I will start out with only drawing a single lucky winner for each book). Finally, the last drawing will be for a copy of each of my paperback books to one lucky reader.

I will make the announcement for each giveaway here on Get Jack’d, so come back frequently to find out how to win!

Thank you all for being such wonderful fans, readers, people, and — yeah — you zombies out there too, you get some lovin’ as well.