The developing of “Die Zombie Die”

Just this morning I relized, with palm to forehead, what the title of the final entry in my Zombie series had to be (NOTE: The subject of this post gives it away 😉 ). This came after the messages I received on Facebook and Twitter from fans and friends suggesting names for the bad guy in the book. What was really incredible about that exercise is that the suggestions I was given by readers would take the book into a bit of a different direction, a direction I like.

This all started because of the amount of people wanting to “be in my book”. Some simply wanted to die a gruesome death (one even requested they die with a specific type of camera in their hand) but some wanted much, much more. But what really developed was a change driving force behind the final book – thanks to one particular follower who suggested her character be a professor of notable power. That suggestion, along with another suggesting a very Russian name, kicked the creative side of my brain into serious over-drive.

And now…I have the specifics of the final book developing in my head as I finish the second book. That is a sweet feeling considering all I had for the final book was the overall theme of the story. Now the arch and characters are developing…and…the really good news is I don’t HAVE to kill off a very important character (the only character to survive books one and two.)

This is the stuff that makes writer’s fingertips and frontal lobes tingle. But more importantly, it’s that which helps us to create, to fill the void that could very easily be shallow, empty characters.

I will very shortly be done with the first draft of “My Zombie My”. Once that is complete I will live in a bit of a duality as I begin the final story and start the first re-write of the second. It will be an exciting time and I can not wait to share more of this trilogy with you. And for those of you new to this trilogy, the books are:

I Zombie I

My Zombie My

Die Zombie Die