The Congregation: Book Two

With the Cult of Raphael’s original plans are thwarted, the war between Heaven and Hell erupts every realm into chaos. Spies creep amongst both angels and demons, creating rumor and mistrust. Vicious fictional gospels are uncovered and taken for truth, manifesting an insidious influence that tears Heaven apart and pollutes mankind’s faith. Only someone close to the holy throne itself could have manifested such lies, driving a wedge through the heart of Heaven.

One of these false tomes makes it into the hands of Man and threatens to undo millennia of faith-based works, stripping the Almighty of his most powerful tool…worshippers!
With chaos in Heaven and deceitful power plays in Hell, a forgotten loophole allows the forces of Darkness to invade the realm of angels, threatening to undo the very fabric of creation itself!

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