Thara Finn

Hello? Is this thing on?

Hi! My name is Thara, I am twentysomething years old, I live in Germany and I cosplay.

There, I said it.

Most of my cosplay work is related to videogames, which is how I shrewdly combine two of my favourite things: making costumes and screaming at my computer screen. I mean, playing games.

I’ve been doing cosplay┬ásince 2008 and from time to time I need a project where I can create and design an original character for myself. And so my first Steampunk costume, my Lady of Time, came into existence. When Jack found a picture of her online, he asked me to use it as the cover for his first Steampunk novel. And not only that! When he was working on the sequel, he asked me to bring the new character, Tick Tock Girl, into existence. And that’s what I did. Happiness ensued ­čśÇ

Thera Finn's original steampunk character, The Lady of Time

Thara Finn’s original steampunk character, The Lady of Time

Thara Finn as Tick Tock Girl.

Thara Finn as Tick Tock Girl.

Places to find Thara Finn:

Thara Finn on FB
Straychild77 on Deviant Art

And here are the three rascals (aka super talented photographers), who promptly came when Tick Tock’s clockwork bell rang:

Michael K├╝gler
Bernhard H├╝bscher
Michael Hellwig