Ten different things to be thankful for

The holidays are almost upon us. That time of year when everyone’s stress levels reach epic heights and family becomes a central and contentious theme. That’s right — we all love our families while at the same time we want to strangle them!

I kid! I kid with handfuls of thankful, tryptophan love. So, what does a horror author have to be thankful for? Puhlenty! Let’s dig into the sweet meats and find out.

Naturally I’m thankful for all of the usual yumyums — family, health, love, my country… that list of typical appreciation goes on and on. So instead of digging into the average, I want to dig a wee bit deeper, past the fascia and into the marrow of life. The things I’m thankful for that help to make me… me.

Lovers of Horror: How can I not be thankful for those that, on a daily basis, make my dreams come true? Without the lovers of the dark hayride, I wouldn’t have a reason to pen the dark tales that spill from within. This group of majestic misfits are passionate about their genre and deserve a huge thank you from anyone that helps to make madness from nothing.

Music: Music is the food of life — so play on my lovelies! I cannot tell you how often I am inspired by music for not only my written works, but life in general. I always have music playing in my world and I am grateful for every note and rhythm.

George A. Romero: Without this man, the zombie genre wouldn’t be where it is and I wouldn’t enjoy the title “Zombie King”. His films still stand the test of time and always will. Romero was one of the first to manage to make a massive social commentary from within the horror genre.

Mountain biking: It’s my therapy. My fully rigid single speed carries me through the brown ribbons of trail and all is perfect. For a few hours at a time, nothing can touch me.

The power of words: The pen always was, and always will be, mightier than the sword. Words are my weapon and my gift. I hope to always treat them with the great respect they deserve.

Truth: Without truth, we are nothing. I have my own personal truth and it guides me through love, life, and art.

Art: Speaking of which — I believe it is art that creates that very fine separation between humans and other animals. Art is a celebration of emotion, love, empathy, truth, and hope. Without art, we are lost.

Open source: I am a huge advocate for open source. I write about open source and use open source tools every day. Without Linux, LibreOffice, The Gimp, Audacity, OpenShot, and many more such applications, I would be able to get my work done as well and as easily.

Clive Barker: He is not only my idol, he is the very reason why I began to seriously read and write. His book Imajica is my all-time favorite book. Mr. Barker writes horror and fantastique with a grace few others, regardless of genre, can touch.

Friends of the Jackverse: You. That’s right… without you, this site and my work are nothing. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sticking with me and being great fans, friends, and readers.

I hope everyone has a wonderful time of thanks — regardless if you celebrate Thanksgiving or not. Please know that appreciation can only be enjoyed if it is known. I offer that appreciation and my thanks to each of you.

Can I get a MUHAHA?