A Tale Of Two Reapers now available for pre-order

That’s right, ladies and gents, you can now reserve your copy of A Tale Of Two Reapers, written by moi and published by Devil Dog Press. The official release date for this piece of urban fantasy is January 3, 2017.

Need a bit of incentive? How’s about a description?

The job of reaping is a lonely one. Why? There has only ever been one Reaper. Grim has spent centuries ensuring the souls of the dying are made available for reuse. But when he mistakenly reaps X, a woman whose soul was very much alive, his eternity is flipped on its head.

Fate has given Grim a very short time to train his new partner in the ways of Reaping. Should he fail, his eternal life is forfeit. Unfortunately, even the best laid plans go astray…especially when X unleashes a malicious soul that threatens to undo the fabric of reality.

And ruin a completely good eternity.

Pre-order your copy now on Amazon.com