Tick, tock, tick tock — the clock is about to strike and Shero is about to be unleashed onto the reading public. Why is that so important? Shero is chic-lit, with a twist (a BIG twist) of gender-bending, super hero hilarity. The full-blown novel will hit the shelves this month, […]

Sample Sunday: Shero

It’s been a while since I ran a sample of A Blade Away. This particular scene is one that displays one of Lakme’s tragic flaws — and another brutal glimpse into his past. Purchase A Blade Away on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, or in Paperback from Amazon. Follow Email […]

Sample Sunday: A Blade Away

Yet another sample for everyone to partake in. This one is from my first book A Blade Away. I wanted to highlight this particular chapter to show a moment when the killer displays just how out of control he has become. This is not a scene with a victim — […]

Sample Sunday: A Blade Away

I thought it would be an interesting study in character to interview one of my favorite creations, Skip Abrahm. Skip is an officer on the Louisville Police Department and has been partnered with Jamie Davenport, serving as her mentor and best friend. Skip is also an openly gay man who […]

Interview with Skip Abrahm

Hello all! I wanted to post a note here on Get Jack’d that I am now, officially looking for reviewers for my first book A Blade Away. If you are interested in getting a free, pre-release copy, contact me via email at jlwallen AT monkeypantz DOT net. Follow Email PostShare […]

A Blade Away: Looking for reviewers

I totally spaced on Sample Sunday yesterday, so I’m offering up a sample of A Blade Away. This book is the first in the Fringe Killer series and will be on sale within the next couple of weeks. The sale prices is $0.99, which a real bargain considering the amount […]

Sample Sunday (a day late): A Blade Away

Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen, for April 15th, 2011 will be the big day the first in the Fringe Killer series, A Blade Away, will be launched. This thriller marks the beginning of an exciting new series that will take the main characters (Detective Jamie Davenport and Skip Abrahm) […]

Spread the word: A Blade Away