The Walking Dead

Recently I’ve been bemoaning the fact that The Walking Dead had become little more than an undead soap opera. Well, as of this past Sunday, the undead horde went Ozzy Osbourne on that drama and bit its head off. It was ugly. it was fierce. It was necessary. Follow Email […]

The Walking Dead: Biting the head off the drama and ...

The Walking Dead has brought some serious street cred to the zombie. And it’s about damn time! The Vampire has had his sparkly time in the spotlight. So move over Count Abula and let some moaners and walkers have their fifteen minutes (but let’s give them a bit more than […]

The Walking Dead: The question of humanity

Wow — what a cliff hanger. The collective audience of The Walking Dead were left dangling from a cliff so high, it was almost impossible to see the ground below us. It was thrilling, it was horrific, it was … frustrating! What? Frustrating? Oh, I guess I should add a […]

Humpday Horror: What we’ve learned from The Walking Dead