Flash of Christmas

by Sara Marian Estella Silverling removed the advertisement once more from her reticule. Snow nestled gently against the newspaper clipping between her gloved fingers. Martin Lannahan, Proprietor of Flying Horses. And below, the address: Rear of Samuel Carrell’s Smithy, cor. Elmswitch and Water Streets. Looking up, she regarded the warm […]

Hope on the Wind

By Jeff Davis Halloween This Year Halloween wasn’t the same this year. Sure we went to the same craft brewery and restaurant as last year and had great food and drinks. Sure, the live band was awesome and we were only a couple of blocks away from our hotel, so […]

8 Years of Prison

By Kelly White In the days after Christmas, our attentions turn inward, to the logs snap-crackling in the hearth, the blue light glare of another Christmas Special. We enjoy the roundness of overindulgence. Oh go on, just one more. We shut the curtains against the cold, settle in and ignore […]

When the Snow Falls

By Jack Wallen Writer’s Note: Near the end of this piece, I’ve embedded the song Santa hears. It’s Lulla, Lully, Lullah, by Philip Stopford. I highly recommend you click play as you finish the piece. December 24 He stood at the apex of Noël Pass, looking down upon the snow-covered […]

Santa Pause

By Bobby Gonzales Santa had never seen such bullshit. Kringle grunted as he rose to his feet amidst the blood stained snow. He looked once more at the carnage before turning to walk back toward the workshop. Three bodies laid strewn with gore. Greebo had been his friend as long […]

Santa’s Slay

By Myk Pilgram Humbugs People often inject morality into old folk tales to serve a purpose, to reinforce a taboo, or just to stuff Jesus into a place he has no right being stuffed. This tale, however, has none of that nonsense, it serves but one purpose, and that purpose […]


by S.H. Roddey Thursday, November 30th Santa Claus and Krampus walked into a bar. In the far corner, the Tooth Fairy ran the billiards table against the Easter Bunny, whose ears fell in defeated frustration. A jazzy and highly inappropriate instrumental version of O Come, All Ye Faithful filtered down […]

How Krampus Saved Christmas

By Jeff Davis Dear Santa Claus: It’s been a long time! The last time I wrote to you I was in fifth grade and starting to have my doubts about whether it was you or my dad who brought my new five-speed bike that year. Now that I’m older and […]

Yakety Santa

By Sparrow Black ©December 2021 “This is the last time, Mike. After this, you’ll have to tell your mother that we’re divorced.” Celeste pushed a long lock of emerald green hair, mixed with a few stripes of Santa Red for good measure, away from her face and stared out of […]

Winter Wonderland

By Lance Gray It’s Christmas Eve, and I sit here alone, without my spouse. Today he said, “We’re through. I want the kids. You keep the house. I’ll be back in the morning for our last Christmas together. Then I’ll take them out to do something, depending on the weather.” […]

Not Even a Mouse