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That’s right, the fine folks at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) must have finally read my book I Zombie I (Now available in paperback from Amazon) and are alerting the general public to the possible apocalypse. The opening paragraph in the article reads: There are all kinds of emergencies out […]

Center for Disease Control: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

In typical fashion of obsessing over every last detail, I realized my book I Zombie I wasn’t complete without a Google Chrome theme. So…I created one. Now you can read the book and be reminded of the painful truth of how the Mengele Virus came to be while browsing your […]

I Zombie I Google Chrome Theme

It simply won’t go away. At least not until we indie writers find that ideal sweat spot that keeps consumers coming back. It’s an incredibly frustrating issue among the indie community for a number of reasons, but primarily because the consumer community seems to want to keep the price of […]

Why I am against the .99 cent price

I was talking on the phone with my editor yesterday discussing the plan for re-launching my books. Obviously the conclusion we arrived at was to first re-launch the “Fringe Killer” series in order, followed by the first in my Zombie trilogy, finally to be followed up by Shero. During the […]

A lot of irons in the fire

Skip Abrahm was a damn good cop. His unrelenting support of justice helped him to become one of Louisville’s finest. Equally, his unwavering support of his ex-partner Jamie Davenport, along with his sexual preference, gave him short passage to his new assignment. Skip was weaving his way through the crowded […]

Sample Sunday: From Gothica 2nd Edition (to be released soon)

Very soon I am going to lay down the gauntlet and get professional on the ebook publishing world. Before that happens, I need to find a good blog tour. What is a blog tour? Simple, a writer finds various blogs that suits his genre and goes guest blogs on the […]

Looking for blog tour

For anyone hoping to be a successful writer, I have these words to impart. You must be patient if you want to ever have any success. Why do I say this? You can look around the landscape and find all sorts of indie authors who are enjoy loads of success. […]

With patience, success will come