I’ve been an artist since the late 80s. Actor, singer, musician, playwright, writer. I’ve performed Shakespeare, Mozart; starred on Broadway; been in film and television; written theatrical scripts for adults and children; I’ve taught the arts, lived the arts, loved the arts. I have a BS in theater/communications and an […]

How to avoid sabotaging your artistic career

I remember, long ago, the day when U2 released their album Zooropa. That was the moment everyone realized that their favorite Irish band had sold out, in a failed attempt to gain traction in the pop charts. They dumbed down their music, added elements of popular trends of the time, and […]

On the “sell out”

Recently a good friend send a meme to me, one associated with Jack Ketchum. The meme was sharp and to the point. There are two things about that meme that hit home for me. First is the quote. Jack doesn’t pull punches and this quote is dead on the money. […]

Some quick bits of advice

Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch was a Cornish writer who published using the pseudonym Q. Although a prolific novelist, he is remembered mainly for the monumental publication The Oxford Book Of English Verse 1250–1900 and for his literary criticism. Quiller-Couch is also well known for making it vastly clear to everywhere […]

There are only 7 basic plots