The Superhero Storybundle has arrived!

You know them, you love them. You anxiously await their blockbuster films, television series, and comic books. Little did you know there are other superheroes out there, waiting to protect men and women from the darkness the hides in the metaphorical closets of young and old alike. These superheroes are flawed, different, living the shadows of their mega blockbuster brethren – but they’re there. The Indie Superhero Bundle.

In this collection you have superstar and rising star authors alike – each ready to clobber you with a different take on the genre. From Mur Lafferty (winner of the John W. Campbell award for Best New Writer), to writers on the rise such as Joshua Mays, Michael Bailey, Charlie Wood, Adam Oster, and other stars of the indie author circuit. In the words of our curator, “Every book I read was a keeper; but in the end, I wanted stories that went beyond the usual hack and slash. I wanted to find stories that unfolded with a sense of grace and power like you’d never thought possible in the genre.”


Selected reviews from the included books:


I, Crimsonstreak by Matt Adams

“…Adams’s greatest strength here is the characters’ chemistry and dialogue, with many of the lines being used for well done humor.”

Comic Attack

Shero by Jack Wallen

“This is certainly one of the most delightful books I’ve read in 2011. No dodging into phone booths for this supershero, who makes Spiderman and Superman look downright dowdy. Shero is always well-dressed and prepared for any crisis. This girl knows who she is and is prepared to kick ass to prove it. Only the most mean-spirited (and Shero knows who they are) could fail to fall in love with this feisty character with killer nail polish. Long may she strut her stuff.”

– CM Barret

The Strike Trilogy by Charlie Wood

“An excellent read. If you’re looking for a great adventure with a superhero twist, this is it.”

– Melissa’s Midnight Musings

The Legend of Buddy Hero by Adam Oster

“Oster has crafted one of the most interesting villains I’ve seen in a long time.”

Ken Mooney

Action Figures by Michael Bailey

“This was a nice fresh read from all the seriousness that comes with some of the books I have been reading…I seriously loved this book!”

A Simple Taste for Reading

Supervillainous by Mike Leon

“This is possibly one of the most fun reads I have had in a long time. Someone who would have looked at me reading this book would have thought that I did not have all my mental facilities. I wore a stupid, vacant grin, and would cackle laughter every other page.”

The Nerdy Bomb

Playing For Keeps by Mur Lafferty

“I was really impressed with it. [Mur is] the doyenne of scifi podcasting.”

Cory Doctorow,

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