Summer Zombie Events

The Zombie King must abide his loyal subjects. One way I can lavish my lovelies is by keeping you apprised of the zombie goings on for this coming summer. So hold on to your brains (else they get nomm’d)… here’s the list.

Zombie Runs

These babies are popping up all over the country. Pretty much they pit you, your winged feet, and your survival skills against a horde of the undead. Can you survive?

We have a local zombie 5K run here in Louisville, KY that is being sponsored by the Alley Theatre. This takes place at Rugby Field in Cherokee Park. For more information, check out this page.

Or how about a larger organization, such as Run For Your Lives? They sponsor a number of Zombie Runs across the country. These runs not only include the zombie horde, but obstacles a-plenty. Here’s a page on how the Run For Your Lives events work.

Zombie Walk

This is probably the original and most popular zombie event in the country. The origins of the zombie walk trace back to 2001 in Sacramento California. Since then this even has grown exponentially. Nearly every major city in the US hosts a zombie walk. For information on your city’s zombie walk, check out the official Zombie Walk Forum.

Zombie Film Festivals

There are plenty of zombie film festivals. Included in this list are:

Misc Zombie Lovin’

  • Blood On The Beach is a horror convention that includes loads o’ Zombie goodness. This is in Norfolk, WV.
  • Zombie Chicago Pub Crawl. The name says it all. Dress up like a zombie and shamble your way around the Chicago pub scene.

What brain-nomming events are you (or your city) hosting this summer? Or what other zombie-themed events do you know about? Share in the comments to spread the joy and the rapture.