Submit an email and win a book

Hello lovely, sexy, delicious, and all around wonderful readers! It’s time for a giveaway. This time, the giveaway has a catch — but it’s a fun catch because that catch will get you mentioned on the thrilling Zombie Radio!

For those who haven’t heard of Zombie Radio yet, here’s what you need to know. In the second installment of the I Zombie trilogy, Bethany Nitshimi comes across a web-based radio station, Zombie Radio, and uses it to┬ádisseminate┬áthe truth. During the beta period of My Zombie My, one of my beta readers, Kirk Fields, had the brilliant idea of bringing Zombie Radio to life. And so it was.

Now Zombie Radio is enjoying a growing following and is starting to attract the attention of listeners who are emailing and tweeting me to be a part of the fun. That’s where this contest comes in.

Anyone that sends me in an email that is used on Zombie Radio will receive a free copy of I Zombie I! But what exactly is the Zombie Radio DJ looking for? I’m glad you asked.

What I want are emails from Zombie Radio listeners describing their situation in the Apocalypse. Cries for help, shout outs to family, zombie poetry — just about anything (so long as it can be read “on-air”.) You can have as much fun with this as you like. Create a personae or just be yourself — use that incredible imagination before the horde takes a taste of your mind-meat and it’s lost for eternity.

Send in your entries to jack [at] getjackd [dot] net and I will reply to let you know if your entry is used and the download information you need to get your free ebook copy of I Zombie I! If you’ve already read I Zombie I (as any good zombie fan should), you’ll get a free copy of My Zombie My when it’s available in September.

Get your entry in. There is no limit to how many winners there are — but if you wait too long, the undead will have already feasted on your brains!