Spotlight On Thad David

What happens when #WinterZombie gets all dressed up for the undead prom? It asks Thad David to attend to senior formal, that’s what!

NOTE: This originally published on the amazing Wilburn’s website. Jay Wilburn, that is.

Jay Wilburn: Hey, you’re really dressed up for this interview. Are you in the right place?

Thad David: I’m Thad David. I’m here for Winter of Zombie.


Jay: That’s right. Tell me what your wrote.

Thad: Divide Then Conquer – The Zombie Company Crusade Series co-written with JL Koszarek. Book Two – Illusion of power is coming out at the end of November 2016.


Jay: Tell me about it.

Thad: Divide Then Conquer shows the country split into various sections with each one following a different style of political leadership.  There is a constant battle against zombies with the ever growing fight for power that we always see in humans.

Jay: How have the two of you strove to make this book and series stand out?

Thad: It’s intentionally very similar in style to the fast paced political thrillers you read today. And there is a video game app out staring the characters from this series.

Jay: What type of zombies did you go with in this story?

Thad: They are fast and they are strong.  I am not afraid of the slower style zombies so it was tough for me to write about them. While I appreciate slower walking dead style zombies in other works, it’s just not something that scares me at all. I wanted something I was afraid of.

Jay: Get out …

Thad: What?

Jay: Um, nothing … What were the influences that shaped this story as you wrote it?

Thad: Outside of this genre, I read a ton of political thrillers. One of my favorite authors is Vince Flynn. He has always been an inspiration to me.

Jay: Nice. Where can people buy this book?

Thad: Amazon, ITunes, or Nook.