Spotlight On Greg P. Ferrell

#WinterZombie has never been to camp and it’s pissed about missing out on so much fun. So much so, that it decided to show Greg P. Ferrell what’s what.

NOTE: This originally posted on a web site belonging to some dude named Jay. Rumor has it, he’s pretty groovy.

Jay Wilburn: Who do you think you are?

Greg P. Ferrell: Greg P. Ferrellferrell-author-pic

Jay: What are you featuring on the tour?

Greg: Humanity’s Hope: Camp H

Jay: Tell us about it.

Greg: The dead walked and the living died. A group of friends and family built a place where they could be safe and ride out the end of the world. Storms formed against them to test that theory, one made by nature and one by man. The fate of mankind could rest on the outcome.


Jay: Who is the focus of the series?

The first book features three at first unconnected story lines. The first centers around Kyle Fletcher. He is a middle aged father of three, a well built and bald (by choice) man trying to keep his friends and family alive.

The second centers on a group of survivors that are part of a group called the council. They are making contact with one another for the first time since the outbreak devastated the world. They have been summoned to go to Florida for a meeting where they hope to regain their previous positions as elites in the world.

The third focuses on Hutch. A recently retired Navy SEAL who is on a mission to eliminate the undead hordes that now inhabit the planet. Killing one at a time would take too long so he goes for Quantity with the most elaborate traps possible.

Jay: How does the relaunch impact your plans for the series?

Greg: This is the first book in a planned out five book series.

Jay: Who is your work going to be with?

Greg: Devil Dog Press.

Jay: If you had to put a warning label on this book, what would it say?

Greg: Don’t plan on sitting down and reading just a few chapters before bed, you will find yourself up well past your planned quitting time.

Jay: What do you hope readers take away from this work?

Greg: The world of Humanity’s Hope is much more complex and mysterious than what it appears on the surface.