Spotlight On Dane Hatchell and PA Douglas

#WinterZombie gets a two-fer as it buries your face in the snow like the bully it is.

NOTE: This originally published on the amazing Wilburn’s website. Jay Wilburn, that is.

Jay Wilburn: Why are there two of you? Am I running some kind of flop house here?

PA Douglas: I’m PA Douglas.


Dane Hatchell: And Dane Hatchell … We wrote a zombie book together. A couple of them actually.


Jay: And what is the name of your latest co-authored book?

Dane: The End

Jay: What? The interview is over already? Was it the flop house comment? Look, it’s nothing personal. PA Douglas was just sitting on my lawn in a skull t shirt and a crazy beard and I just thought …

PA: No, The End is the name of the book.

Jay: Oh, right, tell me about it.

Dane: Society collapses as humanity falls victim to a deadly virus turning ordinary people into blood thirsty cannibals. Three survivors journey toward the only broadcasting radio station, one of the last remnants of civilization. The military’s attempted rescue may prove to be the greatest danger of all.


Jay: Wow. That’s an ambitious story. Does the book focus in on one main character or multiple characters?

PA: THE END has many main characters, which is why I feel that this book works well.

Jay: What style of zombie did you employ for your flesh-eating cannibals?

PA: Although I have written zombie stories that showcase a different take on the zombie as a monster, THE END holds true to the traditional George A. Romero Homage of the 80’s classics.

Jay: Was there any special mindset that went into creating this story?

Dane: The End was written with the reader in mind, giving them a hard hitting, action packed run through a world gone mad. The intent was for The End to compliment the zombie genre, not take the apocalypse down an unfamiliar road.

Jay: What are your big genre inspirations?

PA: George A. Romero’s series, Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Night of the Living Dead.

Jay: What do you guys hope readers take away from this work?

Dane: The greatest compliment for an author is simply for a reader, who after finishing the novel, feels like their precious time spent was worth the investment. And, then eager to take another ride on the author’s imagination, seek out their other works.

PA: A good read. I hope they step away from the book and feel that they had an adventure.

Jay: Thanks, guys.

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