Spotlight on Armand Rosamilia

Someone ate all my White Castles and M&Ms!

That’s cold…like #WinterZombie cold. And when White Castles and M&Ms are pilfered, it can only mean one thing…Armand Rosamilia.

NOTE: This was originally posted on the official site of the magnificent, Jay Wilburn.

Jay Wilburn: Do I know you?

Armand Rosamilia: I’m Armand Rosamilia the author of Dying Days.


Jay: What is your latest creation?

Armand: Dying Days 7

Jay: Describe the book to me.

Armand: Welcome to The Promised Land!

Jay: What is happening right now?

Armand: A safe haven for survivors escaping the zombie hordes and certain death. Hot meals, electricity, a warm bed to sleep in. Of course, The Lich Lord oversees all…  Can Darlene Bobich and what’s left of the survivors make it through another day in a world filled with zombies and worse?


Jay: Tell us about Darlene.

Armand: Darlene Bobich, who they affectionately call The Zombie Killer. She is evolving just as the smart zombies are, and she’s fighting both internal and external forces to keep her sanity and her humanity.

Jay: What makes the extreme zombies in your extreme zombie series so extreme?

Armand: The zombies in the Dying Days series don’t want to just bite you… they want to sexually violate you.


Jay: Yikes! What does book 7 do for the series and the readers?

Armand: It (hopefully) moves the series along to an exciting conclusion by keeping the reader involved in the characters, both human and zombie.

Jay: If you had to put a warning label on this book, what would it say?

Armand: WARNING: This book contains too much sexy for one person. The warning would be about the author. Nothing to do with the actual story.

Jay: Nice …