Spotlight On Alathia Paris Morgan

#WinterZombie freezes the waters, infected as they are, around Alathia Paris Morgan. But don’t worry, we will always have Paris.

NOTE: This was originally posted on the blog of that ever-so magnificent, Jay Wilburn.

Jay Wilburn: Who are you? I haven’t seen you around here before.

Alathia Paris Morgan: Alathia Paris Morgan


Jay: What did you write for us?

Alathia: Infected Waters: A Titanic Disaster

Jay: Tell us what happens when zombies infect the Titanic.

Alathia: Nurse Ryan and Head Steward Davis are bound together in the untold story behind the Titanic disaster, desperately fighting a fatal disease spreading like wildfire through the ship. But disease and death are not the real enemy; the dead are.


Jay: What is different about this story other than when a zombie hangs off the front of the boat growling that he is king of the world?

Alathia: Infected Waters: is a historical event that everyone is familiar with, but with a zombie twist. Most books start with an apocalyptic event set in modern times where humanity is a huge mass of people just waiting to be turned into deadly killers. This setting places the idea that zombie/ infected people have been around for centuries and could be killed or controlled in different time settings. This is a stand-alone, but may be added to a series at a later date.

Jay: What inspired you to write it?

Alathia: My main inspiration for beginning this book was an idea my daughter came up with because of her love for zombies and the Titanic movie. After watching Pride &  Prejudice and the Zombies, I realized that her idea had great merit. I asked her permission and kept the book at a teen rating as much as possible so that she and her friends would be able to read it when it was finished.