Something special this way comes (to Zombie Radio)

I don’t pimp Zombie Radio nearly enough, but what I have coming up needs a pimpin’.

So far on ZR you’ve heard the DJ talk about topics such as Where do we go from here, Poems and Red Necks, Cries for help, and much more. But this weekend (at least that’s the idea) I plan on breaking out the ol’ acting chops and making some real magic. This time around our faithful DJ will deal with his first zombie attack. That’s right —


This will require some serious work on my part. Not only will I be channeling my old self back into reality, I will also be trying my hand with some sound effects and much more. If all goes according to plan, this will be my most challenging PR effort yet. The end result will so be worth it.

So be prepared to be scared and listen to Zombie Radio take the hayride to one hundred miles an hour this weekend!