Sparrow Black: Seizures

To continue our celebration of Women Of Horror, I present to you a sample from Sparrow Black’s “Seizures”.

Seems we chose a bad day to set out. The rain poured all through the night and when we woke up the world was covered in a dense fog. Even though I don’t remember the night time seizures they were still affecting me; I was tired, slow to respond, and my brain was sluggish. All of that mixed with the fog meant we were in for a few surprises and slow going.

We had all piled up in my Dad’s car and left early this morning. We couldn’t see much of the world around us, but Lena saw the sign at the nursing home and almost broke down. She’d insisted on driving this morning and I wondered if it was a good idea as she slowed down. I could hear tiny little sobs in her throat and grabbed her hand.

“Keep driving, hun, don’t slow down. Just keep driving.”

She took a deep breath, turned up the Rammstein, pressed her foot down on the gas pedal, and asked if I wanted to go by my house one more time, in case I’d forgotten anything. I didn’t even think about the horde that could still be there, I just said that I would like to see it one more time because I doubted I’d ever see it again.

There were no zombies out that we could see as we drove up Main Street, but Lena noticed the smell straight away. She managed to hold the urge to gag, but when she saw the bodies littering the area around the gate she almost lost it again. They weren’t out for the count, those bodies, just unable to walk anymore because the impact from the car had broken their legs or other vital parts needed for walking. And the smell was overpowering at this point, even with the windows up the smell was blowing in from the vents.

Lena hadn’t been exposed to all of this as Ginny and I had. Yeah, she’d seen some on TV and a couple when she went to her neighbors’ but she hadn’t seen the bodies left to rot or any of the horrors that Ginny and I have encountered.

Then Ginny screamed and Maggie started barking. Lena and I didn’t notice, but a figure had been walking in the fog towards us. Just as Ginny screamed the figure threw something at us and roared. I think you can guess who it was.

His costume was torn, the ears now sagging down to his head, and he was covered in even more gore, but it was him. He was missing an arm and one leg was not working at all. Halfway down his thigh the leg just hung as though there were no bones in it at all. But the evil grin on his torn and grime-covered face, the glimmer of evil intelligence in his eyes still made him a terrifying figure. Fear gripped me, my heart started pounding, and a miserable whine escaped my throat. You know how you dream you want to scream in fear, but can’t? That’s what happened; I simply could not scream I was so terrified. The Zombie of the Lambs was still with us.

We all screamed as the object landed on the windshield and slid down the glass in a streaky mess of blood. It was Mr. Crown’s head, and despite being separated from its body the head was still active. The broken teeth in the thing’s mouth were clicking together, eyes staring at us with malice and hunger. How could it still be hungry? It didn’t have a stomach anymore!

“My people!” The Zombie of the Lambs screamed at us. “You’ve taken my people from me! This is what you did!”

“Run the Lamb over Lena, do it now!” I screamed, not thinking about anything, but destroying the grotesque images I knew would haunt my nightmares. I also hoped the movement would sling Mr. Crown’s head off in the process.

“GO! GO! GO!”

Ginny was still screaming in the back seat. I’m starting to wonder if this poor child will ever stop screaming now. It’s not like she’s used to having heads thrown at her, even though the things have been around for a week now. For that matter, I’m not used to it either.
Lena was still just sitting there, staring at the Zombie of the Lambs while Ginny and I made frantic gestures to encourage Lena to move. When more zombies started walking out of the fog I did something horrible. I didn’t mean to, I just panicked and Lena wasn’t responding! So I hit her in the arm. Hard.

“Move it woman! NOW!” My voice was stern, aggressive and Lena looked over at me in shock as she gasped out my name on her breath.

She turned and gawped at me. “You hit me, you meanie!”

Really. She said that. But she put her foot down finally and we started moving. She hit the Lamb, who immediately fell, one of the back tires spinning as we moved over his body. I had my hands over my eyes peeking through my fingers as Lena put the car into reverse. I might have growled louder than Maggie ever had at that point.

My reaction must have changed her mind because she looked over at me before shifting the car out of reverse. We kept going until we finally hit the exit for the interstate. There was a gas station there and we needed gas. We had to stop.

Lena turned into the station slowly, looking around. There were quite a few shops around it, but when we were planning this part we decided that it should all be clear because most people never left their homes once the sickness started. We were still learning here! Things are changing. We hadn’t quite realized how much yet.

Lena jumped out of the car, once we were certain we weren’t going to get any visitors, but left the door open in case she needed to get back in quick. She stared at the now gore-covered car for a moment before using her foot to close the door a little. With my credit card in her hand, she pulled the plug out of the gas tank, did what she had to with my card, pushed the handle in the tank, and started the gas running. She walked over to my window and tapped on it.

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