Skip Abrahm and real-world heroes

As many of you know, I am taking a very short breaking from the zombieverse to go back to some of my best friends in the Fringe Killer series. At the moment I am about twenty five percent complete with the first draft of Endgame and I wanted to share with you something I experienced last night while writing.

During last night’s foray into all things Skip and Jamie, something very special struck me — I know Skip Abrahm and I know him well. I was writing a particular scene where Jamie Davenport gets her heart somewhat broken and good ol’ Skipina is there to offer his special form of awesome. I intended on the scene being longer than it was, but then something came out of Skip’s mouth that was so special it dictated the scene end at that moment.

When I completed the thought I put down my pen and re-read the words. It wasn’t so much the words that were written, but what Skip was doing for his dearest friend — gently, lovingly, and honestly comforting her — that gave me pause enough to remember that Skip Abrahm was based on so many people I know. So much, did this moment touch me, I have to say:

Thank God for people like Skip Abrahm!

The world is filled with angry, bitter, mean-spirited, selfish humans who want nothing more than to walk all over every one around them in order to climb their way to the top of whatever food chain or corporate ladder they feel they belong on. Fortunately there are others out there, kind men and women, with souls and hearts to spare, to help counteract the ugliness created by a world gone sour.

But many of those kind souls have had a hard road. Take for instance many of my GLBT friends who have been persecuted so much of their lives, just for being true to their hearts. And even though they have been spit at, mocked, hated, and marginalized, those wonderful men and women live proud, kind lives and are never afraid to lend a helping hug or graceful (or sassy — depending on the moment) reminder that you are, in fact, special.

When I started out writing the Fringe Killer series, my soul purpose was the celebrate those people and hold a mirror of truth up to the others. I adore Skip and Jamie and am always so glad to revisit that relationship as a reminder that love and gentleness can, in fact, solve a lot of what ails us. Friends like Skip are hard to come by, and when you find one like that you hold them tight to your breast and never let them go.

As if having Skip in my life weren’t enough to be thankful for, I am very lucky to have had people in my life that could inspire characters like Skip. The world is full of people waiting to inspire you to write great and wonderful words. Let them. And while you do so … celebrate them as the every day heroes they are.