Sisterhood Of The Travelling Panties

SQUEEEE! Do you know how long I have waited to be in a sisterhood? I tried being a nun and that didn’t work out…

Oh wait…

Red Tash pegged me as a member of the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award and I just hide to oblige. And you, the Jackverse, get to benefit from this wackiness. Here we go!

JA Rules

The rules for the sisterhood are simple:


  1. Recipients need to thank the giver (“Thank you, Red!”)
  2. Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog
  3. Post 7 things about yourself (Going to have fun with this.)
  4. Pass the award onto 7 other bloggers of your choice and let them know they’ve been nominate

Let’s take this hayride up to 100 miles per hour! Give me LOGO!

Seven things about Jack you probably don’t know

One: Jack does word mashups as often as he can. In fact, Jack finds a certain sport in the act. His mashups sometimes work themselves into his book, but the goofier ones… well… they remain within his close circle of goofball friends. Jack’s most recent mashup? Minana — a mini banana.

TWO: Of the English language, there is one word I do NOT like. That word? Are you ready for this?


Shudder. Why? I have no idea. but there it is.



Three: When I was in elementary school, me and my best friend shared a girlfriend. It made sense, right? He and I were inseparable, she liked both of us…win freakin’ win.

Little did we know.

Four: I was originally going to study Marine Biology, but during my sophomore year of high school I auditioned for “Babes In Arms” and the rest, as the cliche goes, is history.

Five: When I was a child, I used to make my own Halloween costumes — because store bought was just never good enough. I wanted something creative and really scary! As a bonus, Halloween is my favorite holiday — naturally.

Six: My real name is Jackie Lee Wallen, Jr. When I was in elementary school I entered a drawing contest to draw a local basketball hero (Kent Benson to be exact). I won… only I won the girl’s category. It was all downhill (or uphill — perspective counts) from there.

Seven: When I got married to my wife, my dad gave me a hammer for a wedding gift. Why? He told me “All women were hit on the head with the same hammer.” It took me a while, but I finally understood what he meant. Thankfully the hammer that struck my wife was FANTABULICIOUS (Triple word mashup there, thank you very much). By the way, I do not, in any way, advocate the hitting of heads with hammers.

Seven Blogs from seven bloggers

And there you have it — I am honored to have been traveled in pants.