Shero is ready to rock your world

Part Sex in the City, part X-Men, and part Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; Shero is finally live and ready to knock your stockings from here to the land of Couture! That’s right ladies, gents, and everything in between…are you ready for a little gender-bending superhero action?

Shero is not your ordinary super hero, that is unless you consider a cross dressing super hero a part of the norm. But unlike the every day super hero, Shero battles more than evil villains. Shero battles broken heels, runs in his stockings, broken nails, and the scorn of the public at large.

In this first installment Shero finds the perfect black dress, a possible lover, a deadly shade of fingernail polish, some nasty, nasty foes, an internal super hero political war, and a narrator full of attitude.

Caution: You may find yourself yelling “You go girl!” which could certainly lead to public humiliation. You’ve been warned.

If you are brave enough to dare the hilarity that is Shero, you can get it for free this weekend (July 15-17, 2011) at Smashwords, or you can purchase it from the links below:

No matter where you get it, just make sure you’re dressed to kill when you read it!

You go…

…you get the idea. đŸ˜‰