Shero III: Death By Cosplay

“It is an absolute joy ride. You first depart with the narrator’s slip of the tongue but so suave it makes you want more. In knowing the character, like I do, I expect there to be many play on words and I was not at all disappointment. I love how the characters feel real and enlightens you to new aspects even though they are totally fiction. A lot of people will probably run across this book and see that a transgender hero(ine) was involved and dismiss it thinking it could never work. It works, trust me. It is new, it is fresh. It is something that people will enjoy if they just need a little laughter in their lives or even the whole slap in the face reality that really goes with the world today. I wish I could send a duck face photo right now to say how much I enjoyed this book! I honestly think that if someone caught on this would make a terrific comic book franchise or movie franchise.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your narrator speaking. I have decided Shero III: Death by Cosplay is far too silly for human consumption, so I have removed it from existence.

As if.

Shero III: Death by Cosplay turns up the snark and pits Shero against a fangirl seamstress in league with the nastiest of villains — S.I.N.

Get your Little Black Battle Dress on and prepare for war, Shero style.

Gender attack!

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