Shero II: Zombie A GoGo

“This book’s got it all: a transgender superhero, Dr. Mengele clones, zombies, sheer denier pantyhose. The voice of the author is original with a familiar tone. The storyline is fast paced, hugely imaginative and visual. Great comic timing. A real page turner. Very enjoyable and highly recommended.”

“Shero was a great book with a unique twist. Now Shero II continues with the laughs, outrageous characters and great story. Don’t miss this book!”

Thank you ma’am!

Everyone’s favorite transgendered superhero is back and this time it’s all about the zombie! That’s right ladies, not only is Shero fighting off cats and whores at shoe sales, now it’s time to deal with the undead.

And a narrator with a hella bad attitude. But one way or another the might of man in the Wang will prevail.

Now, everyone say it with me: “You go girl!”

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