Seeing Your Truth by Chad A. Clark

The inspiring song for the first round of If Music Be The Food¬†flash fiction is by The Naked & Famous. The song is called “Rotten”. Have a listen before you read the next entry, written by Chad A. Clark!

Seeing Your Truth

I’m so lucky I met you.

More than I can really say. Here I thought we were building a life together, growing from two into one. You helped me realize my shortcomings, my failings.

Any other man would have just walked out. Your letter was so helpful in pointing out all the things that are wrong with me, how I made you leave. So thank you. And of course I forgive you. How can I not when I myself am so terrible? Don’t worry about any of this. You will never have to feel the pain of my inadequacy. If nothing else, I can at least do that much right.

If only you had been here sooner to save me from myself.

I forgive every horrible, spiteful thing you wrote to me. I forgive you because I can move on.

And because you’re right.

So just hush yourself to sleep. I’ll keep you back there in your special box while we drive off into the sunset.

What’s left of you anyway.

I suppose at some point I’ll have to take care of what the nose will detect in this car before the eyes.

Until then, I’ll keep your letter. And I’ll keep you.

To remind me.

I’m so lucky.

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