Screampark is LIVE!

That is right, ladies and gents… the book that was EONS in the making and nearly took my life (I kid… no eons or lives were harmed in the writing of this book) is LIVE! Why is this special? Well, ladies and gentlechaps of the Jackverse, let me explain…

I do love the ellipse, don’t I?

Screampark was born during an acting workshop I led for the actual Screampark haunted attraction in Lexington, Kentucky. While I was knee-deep in the big funky of helping the actors gain a deeper understanding of their craft, I realized there was a book to be had! I spoke with the owners about the idea and they immediately gave me their blessing.

But it wasn’t until I had dinner with the owners and Chris Davis that the idea really reached up my pant leg and tickled my fancy — why not use the real cast and characters from the haunt? And from that, Screampark was born.

Chris has already posted on his site, The Evil See Conglomerate, a swell little cartoon of him reading Screampark. He also informed me he ran his iPhone battery down reading the book yesterday.

From a writer’s perspective, I have to say this about Screampark — I have never had as much fun writing a book as I had with Screampark. From the inception of the idea to the public release, this title was a real treat. And I want to let everyone in the Jackverse know that Screampark will become a series. The intention is to release a new title in the series every year for opening night of the park. I also wanted to let you know how much of a pleasure it has been working with the cast and company of Screampark. Not only are they kind, good hearted people, they do one hell of a haunt and I look forward to seeing this years frights (while at the same time I gather new ideas for next year’s Screampark).

It is such a rare treat that a writer of fiction gets to bring something to life on paper the likes of Screampark and those that make it happen. So to Angela Lawson, Eddie Embry, Chris Davis, Jason Neal, Scott Lake, Josh Frye, Mary Koegel, and the rest of the company… I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the fantastic work of my editors: Gloria Bobrowicz and Heather Rick. Both ladies not only did their usual remarkable job, but did so such that Screampark could go live in time for the opening of the park. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Now, If you want to purchase Screampark, you’ll find it in the usual places. Though at the moment, Barnes & Noble are experiencing technical difficulties (hopefully that will be resolved shortly), you can get your Screampark fix at:

As soon as the B&N book is live, I’ll announce it here. Enjoy!